I’ll admit it. I’m a perfectionist. There. It’s out there. What I’m not, is naive enough to think I can write a 70,000+ word manuscript that contains no errors — not gonna happen. It’s no one’s fault but my own. I wrote it, it’s my monkey. BUT (that’s a big but), I decided early on that I would give my readers, both of them, an offer — the reader who finds the greatest number of errors before the launch of the next book may have, if they choose, a victim of a subsequent book in the Nicole Piricelli series named in their honor. Makes it fun for my readers, and I get a better book in the end — win-win.

-Justin, from Cocoa, Florida has found twelve typos in Changed. Thank you, Justin, and Justine thanks you as well.

And so, with the appropriate drum roll (or egg roll), the next contestant has declared himself, both as one of my readers and possibly more obsessive than me, poor guy.

-Next up, Robert from Ormond Beach, Florida found eighteen typos in Hurting Your Characters, which is now a better book for his efforts. Let’s see… Robert, Bob, Bobbi, Roberta… hmmm, gives me an idea.



You must be at least 18 years old (12 if your parent or guardian agrees), but hey, why’re you reading my stuff if you’re only 13? Does your mom know you read stuff with adult talk?

You have to buy a copy of the book — and prove it, by sending me a screenshot of the last page.

You can’t be related to me. That’s easier than you might think.

You understand there’s no money in this — at least for you.

You have to sign a release agreeing to allow me to use your name for a fictional character.

No duplicates (you have to be the first to claim any error — in case of a tie, I’ll flip a coin.

Entries may be submitted through this website’s “Contact Me” page, email, or telepathically, if you’re into that. I’ve had to stop accepting carrier pigeons, but attached to the navel ring of an expensive escort is okay (hint).

Void where prohibited by law, or if your mom emails me and says “No.”

You must have a real name. Don’t try that Mister Myxzptlk stuff with me, buddy.