Engines of Destruction (Nicole Piricelli, Book #1)


engines-coverBook 1 of the Nicole Piricelli series

People are dying and the bodies are dissolving before autopsy. Suspended detective Nicole Piricelli must team up with her estranged investigative reporter lover to uncover the cause of multiple bizarre recent deaths and stop those responsible.

Nicole is suspended pending the outcome of the investigation of a shooting death during a robbery. When she reestablishes contact with the man circumstances pulled from her life she finds him involved in a story that could make his career—or leave both of them dead.

Set in St. Petersburg, Florida in the year 2032, Engines of Destruction is the first book of the Nicole Piricelli science-fiction-thriller-police procedural series. Readers who enjoy futuristic technology in a fast-paced suspenseful setting are sure to love this captivating series.