Unofficial Scrivener Workbook








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Scrivener is novel writing and organizing software designed specifically for the non-linear way writers really work. The Unofficial Scrivener Workbook is designed to work in conjunction with The Scrivener Manual and The Interactive Tutorial that came with your version of Scrivener. Written by veteran Scrivener user and author M.J. Carlson, you’ll learn how to set up a new project, import and organize your research, track scene elements, create custom layouts, and more with this user-friendly Scrivener workbook.

• Quickly learn your way around the Scrivener workspace and its basic functions and features
• Create custom project templates tailored to your needs and style, and store them for use in future projects
• Import, structure, and organize your research
• Keep your writing, research, character sketches, synopses, outlines, drafts and images in one dedicated project file
• View multiple scenes, storyboard with index cards, or review your manuscript in outline form
• Move and edit text separately or as a whole and keep notes ready-to-hand with Quick Reference panels
• Export your work into most popular formats without affecting your original manuscript